A Smile that Dazzles: How Veneers Can Widen Your Smile

It's a well known fact that smiling improves your mood. That's reason enough to smile as much as you can. However, sitting in a room alone with a smile on your face is far less effective at improving your mood than seeing others respond to your gesture with a smile of their own. A beautiful smile is infectious. But what if you aren't happy with your smile? What if you look at people like Julia Roberts or George Clooney and sigh because they make smiling look so effortless? [Read More]

Oral health 101 | Dental tips for diabetics

Diabetes is a condition that brings about tons of complications, and one of the most widespread problems is the risk of mouth infections. Having diabetes lowers your resistance to infection, and wounds in your body don't heal as fast. That's what makes diabetics more susceptible to gum infections. So if you've got diabetes, then ensure that you take keen interest in your oral health. Periodontal infections can be easily avoided if you take some measures. [Read More]

When and why to get dental implants

Since the 1970s, cosmetic dentists having been perfecting dental implant procedures to replace the missing teeth of people that need it the most. With a 98% success rate, dental implants have improved the everyday lives of many people for the long-term. If you're considering undergoing the procedure yourself, here's what you should know. What are dental implants? A dental implant is effectively an artificial tooth or set of teeth used to replace teeth severely damaged by decay, disease or other factors. [Read More]

Over-the-Counter Bleaching Tray Pain: Why Your Gums Hurt and How to Soothe the Pain

When it comes to giving you the kind of teeth that make for a radiant and pleasing smile, there are very few cosmetic options better than teeth whitening. Many people, due to the higher cost, avoid professional teeth whitening such as in-office whitening or the take-home-trays, custom made by dentists to fit specifically to the shape of a patient's bite. Instead, they opt for over-the-counter options such as whitening strips or bleaching trays. [Read More]