Oral health 101 | Dental tips for diabetics

Diabetes is a condition that brings about tons of complications, and one of the most widespread problems is the risk of mouth infections. Having diabetes lowers your resistance to infection, and wounds in your body don't heal as fast. That's what makes diabetics more susceptible to gum infections. So if you've got diabetes, then ensure that you take keen interest in your oral health. Periodontal infections can be easily avoided if you take some measures. Here are some of the best oral practices to keep your gums in mint condition.

Control your glucose levels The key to taking care of your gums is dealing with the root cause, and that's your glucose levels. Poorly controlled glucose levels slows down your healing rate by affecting the nerves and blood circulation. This makes it a lot harder for the blood needed for repair to reach your mouth. Additionally, the fungus that causes mouth infection thrives best in saliva with high glucose levels. When the infection persists, you may even lose your teeth. That's why you need to keep your glucose levels under control. Pay more attention to your diet and exercise regularly, since exercises cause your muscles to take up more glucose and leaves little circulating in your blood. You could also have an insulin injection schedule. But whatever you do, ensure you set goals and procedures with your doctor.

Watch your dentures It is imperative that you take good care of your teeth. Go for a soft bristle brush, and always use an antiseptic when rinsing to kill any existing fungus that may cause an infection. If you're using dentures, then you should pay close attention to them. Infections can cause your gums to get sore and uneven, and your dentures may not be as fitting as they were. If you feel any signs of pain or soreness, rush to your dentist. The dentures should be relined or replaced to reduce the discomfort. Also watch out for any white patches in your mouth, it could be a sign of fungus or an oncoming infection.

Stay away from cigarettes If you've got diabetes, then smoking should not be in your books. Smoking would increase your chances of getting gum disease by about 5 times. It weakens the body's immune system and makes it even harder for the gums to heal. Smoking may also reduce the level of success of some of the treatments and medicines that you may take.