A Smile that Dazzles: How Veneers Can Widen Your Smile

It's a well known fact that smiling improves your mood. That's reason enough to smile as much as you can. However, sitting in a room alone with a smile on your face is far less effective at improving your mood than seeing others respond to your gesture with a smile of their own. A beautiful smile is infectious. But what if you aren't happy with your smile? What if you look at people like Julia Roberts or George Clooney and sigh because they make smiling look so effortless? 

If this is you, then you probably desire a wider smile, one that lights up rooms and draws admiring glances from passersby. Fortunately, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, it is possible for you to have a smile that stands out. 

Build the Buccal Corridor

A narrow smile tends to be less appealing than a wide smile because there are less teeth on show; generally 6, with the canine teeth being the last visible teeth at the edge of your smile. However, the reason many Hollywood stars seem to light up the screen, apart from their acting skills, is that when they smile, you can see at least 8 of their gleaming white teeth. 

Two of the biggest smiles in Hollywood, possessed by Julia Roberts and George Clooney, actually show 10 teeth, all the way up to their premolars. There is also very little buccal corridor (dark space between cheeks and teeth) to speak of, which adds to the wideness of their smiles. 

The other thing that these stars have in common is that they wear porcelain veneers. They may have already possessed beautiful smiles to begin with, but the veneers added that extra width that makes a smile beam across a room like a ray of light. You too can widen your smile with veneers. 

Use Veneers to Widen Your Smile

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that slip over your teeth, adding more width, closing any gaps, and giving your smile more symmetry. If you have a narrow jaw, you may have a large buccal corridor on either side of your smile. In order to effectively seal that corridor so that the focus is on your teeth, a cosmetic dentist will add 8-10 veneers to your upper teeth. 

Any less than that and the color discrepancy between your veneers and your natural teeth at the edge of your smile will only add to the problem posed by the large buccal corridor. 

However, by having 8-10 teeth veneered, you can achieve a wider and more appealing smile, and as a result become more confident and successful in your social interactions.