Why You May Want To Book A Laser Teeth Whitening Session

The rising popularity of teeth whitening treatments can be observed on practically all social media platforms, through various magazine spreads and even on TV adverts. To many Australians, the brightness of a smile is closely associated with attractiveness; therefore, having a porcelain-bright dentition is worth the teeth whitening treatment investment.

Most Australians interested in teeth whitening seem to have been charmed by the DIY treatment options — over 50% of Australians who whitened their teeth in 2018 chose to do it at home with self-applicable kits. However, there are increasing benefits of getting the professional package; the most appealing may be the innovation and increased effectiveness of methods used by professional dentists. One is laser teeth whitening.

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Laser Teeth Whitening Is A More Powerful Method Than Over-The-Counter Treatments

In traditional teeth whitening methods, hydrogen peroxide was used to bleach the teeth. Generally, the solution has to be left on the teeth for several minutes to ensure a noticeable result. For safety reasons, DIY kits will involve a weaker peroxide solution than you may obtain from the dentist's treatments, and they may only remove superficial food stains or some cigarette staining.

The laser speeds up the forming of an ion gel on the surface of the teeth, which lifts stains faster and more effectively. Unlike strip treatment, which may require several weeks to show noticeable results, laser teeth whitening treatments will provide an immediate improvement. Therefore, it's ideal for those looking to noticeably whiten their teeth fast, for instance, for a work-related event or a wedding or other important ceremony where pictures may be taken.

Laser Teeth Whitening Is Easy, Painless And Non-Invasive

Laser teeth whitening only requires an application gel and the laser itself. The laser will be applied to your teeth safely, and there's no risk of burns, cuts or any other discomfort. The process is entirely painless. Generally, this is a fast treatment, and you can expect to be on the dentist's chair for less than an hour. The laser interacts with the hydrogen peroxide solution on a molecular level, which makes it pull off the stains rapidly.

There's no particular aftercare needed to maintain the results of a laser teeth whitening after the procedure. Instead, you will only be required to follow your standard hygiene routine, making sure you see the dentist a couple of times every year. Typically, laser teeth whitening results can last for several years.

A Concluding Note

Laser teeth whitening treatments are cutting-edge solutions to the problem of yellowed or stained teeth. As a non-evasive, fast and highly efficient treatment, laser teeth whitening is the option to seek out if you're looking for instantaneous results. Before you get cleared for a laser tooth whitening session, your cosmetic dentistry professional may need to ascertain that you do not have any form of gum disease.