3 Things to Consider About Finding a Chinese-Speaking Dentist

If you have a member of the family that does not speak English, you may have some issues when it comes to medical procedures. One of the more difficult medical procedures when there is a language barrier is anything dealing with dental work. If you have a family member who speaks only Chinese, you may be facing this language barrier issue with finding a dentist. Here are three things to consider about finding a Chinese-speaking dentist that will be right for your loved one.

Using a Location Service

One of the first considerations is to use a location service to help you locate Chinese-speaking dentists in your area. These services are usually found online or through smartphone apps. You can type in your address and the mileage radius you are willing to travel. This will allow you locate dentists near you and then narrow them down according to languages. These services also give you the address of the dentist as well as the phone number and other contact information to confirm they do have a Chinese-speaking dentist on site.

University Dental Services

One place you may not consider for finding a Chinese-speaking dentist is the local university dental services department. Look for a local university that has a dental program. These dental programs tend to be open to the public and they may have a foreign exchange student on staff. This increases the chances of you finding a Chinese-speaking dental student that can help you with your needs. Simply call the university and explain your situation to find out if they have or can connect you with the right dentist.

Dental Board Registry

If you do not have a university dental service near you, and you are unable to locate a Chinese-speaking dentist near you, then you may be able to contact the dental board. The Dental Board of Australia has a database of registered dentists in the country. They can help you locate the right dentist for your needs. If you do not see the proper search options on their website, you can contact them by phone and speak directly with a representative.

By keeping these three considerations in mind, you should be able to find a Chinese-speaking dentist more easily. If you still have issues finding a Chinese-speaking dentist, contact your local family dentist to determine if you can have a translator in the room during the appointment. You may also want to check with the dental clinic as well.