Could Composite Bonding Be the Answer to Your Cosmetic Dental Woes?

A lot of people have things they would like to change about their teeth, but it's common to put off doing anything about it. Some of the cosmetic procedures available can seem complicated, which makes people think twice about having them done, and they carry on living with a smile they're less than happy with. Although it's not suitable for every cosmetic issue, composite bonding could be the treatment you're looking for. [Read More]

Why Won't Your Dentist Bleach Your Teeth?

If you've decided you need a tooth whitening treatment to give your smile a bit of a boost, you may choose to get this done by your dentist rather than using a home-whitening kit. Although a bleach from a dentist can be a lot more effective than one you do yourself, your dentist may hesitate to give you this kind of treatment in some circumstances.  Cosmetic Problems Teeth whitening products work best if all of the teeth are the same colour and are completely natural. [Read More]

3 Things to Consider About Finding a Chinese-Speaking Dentist

If you have a member of the family that does not speak English, you may have some issues when it comes to medical procedures. One of the more difficult medical procedures when there is a language barrier is anything dealing with dental work. If you have a family member who speaks only Chinese, you may be facing this language barrier issue with finding a dentist. Here are three things to consider about finding a Chinese-speaking dentist that will be right for your loved one. [Read More]

3 Teeth Whitening Ideas for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth and gums, the whole idea of having your teeth whitened might fill you with dread. Your sensitivity might be even triggered by basic dental hygiene, so the process needed to achieve a bright, white smile might seem like an impossibility. Sure, the active ingredients in many over the counter teeth whitening products can feel like you're inflicting trauma upon your teeth, but just because your teeth might be particularly sensitive, it doesn't mean that they can't be whitened. [Read More]