Gagging for Denture Plate Removal: Is it Possible to Remove a Denture Palate Plate?

When a dental patient first receives their dentures, wearing them is often painful or uncomfortable. After all, they now have to live with a foreign body in their mouth. The tongue and surrounding tissues will need time to adjust to these new conditions. However, one particularly difficult area for some denture patients to deal with is the palate plate, which just happens to be a vital component of a denture. [Read More]

Smile Like You Mean It: Achieving a Straighter Smile

Having a tidy white smile has long been one of the core beauty ideals to grip our society. Even those who aren't interested in taking care of their hair or wearing expensive branded clothing are likely to wish for a straighter, brighter smile. There are plenty of ways to take care of the whiteness of your teeth, but having them straightened out can be a little more complicated and expensive. As such, you should make sure you know what you're getting into. [Read More]

Is the Tooth Fairy Getting More Generous?

The legend of the Tooth Fairy is popular in many parts of the world. When a child loses a tooth, this magical creature exchanges it for a small amount of money, turning what could be a disturbing experience for the child into an exciting event. However, that "small amount of money" is quickly developing into a significant chunk of change. Whereas Australian kids in 1995 received an average of only $2 for a lost tooth, kids today can expect their incisors and molars to bring in a lot more. [Read More]