Toothache Relief Methods to Avoid

Have you ever woken up at night with a throbbing toothache? Toothaches are common, and they can be excruciating. Often, the pain worsens when you least expect it, and you are usually left wondering what to do next. Well, toothaches are a dental emergency, and a trip to an emergency dentist's clinic should see you get the help you need. That said, you should avoid some pain relief remedies as you prepare to make a trip to an emergency dental clinic. [Read More]

Rooting Out Dental Decay: Can Root Canal Treatment Save Teeth?

Tooth decay usually doesn't go away by itself. The decay progresses until it reaches the dental pulp, at which point sufferers begin to experience severe toothache and sensitivity. While an infected dental pulp will eventually die, the pain doesn't end there. The infection may then go on to infect the tissues surrounding a tooth, including the jawbone. A serious tooth infection can lead to tooth loss. Although root canals sound painful, the pain of a dental infection can be much worse than a typical root procedure. [Read More]

Three Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Dental Implants

Dental implants have many advantages, from how natural they look to how long they last. However, like all dental procedures, you need to go over their specific advantages to determine if they are right for you. This guide explains three questions you need to ask yourself before committing to dental implants. Are Implants The Best Option For Your Teeth? Implants are one of the most popular options for people with missing teeth, but that doesn't always mean they're the best option for everyone. [Read More]

Why You Must Tell Your Dentist About Your Lip Fillers

A dentist might not be the only professional helping you with your smile. You might have sought out some assistance to help you with another way in which your smile is showcased—namely your lips. It's not as though lip fillers will play much of a direct role in your dental health; however, there's a potential area of concern you need to be aware of. Medical History Your dentist is a medical professional, and as such, you probably already know the importance of discussing your medical history with them. [Read More]