3 Things to Consider About Finding a Chinese-Speaking Dentist

If you have a member of the family that does not speak English, you may have some issues when it comes to medical procedures. One of the more difficult medical procedures when there is a language barrier is anything dealing with dental work. If you have a family member who speaks only Chinese, you may be facing this language barrier issue with finding a dentist. Here are three things to consider about finding a Chinese-speaking dentist that will be right for your loved one. [Read More]

3 Teeth Whitening Ideas for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth and gums, the whole idea of having your teeth whitened might fill you with dread. Your sensitivity might be even triggered by basic dental hygiene, so the process needed to achieve a bright, white smile might seem like an impossibility. Sure, the active ingredients in many over the counter teeth whitening products can feel like you're inflicting trauma upon your teeth, but just because your teeth might be particularly sensitive, it doesn't mean that they can't be whitened. [Read More]

What Is the Role of a Dental Assistant?

In many places around the world, a dental assistant is referred to as a dental nurse. Despite this difference, the role is essentially the same in Europe and North America with many of the same job functions within a dental clinic being carried out. A qualified dental assistant needs to be accredited with a TAFE course, such as HLT35015, which is a level three certificate in dental assisting. Once they are established in their jobs, dental assistants can expect to be paid in the region of $43,000 a year. [Read More]

Could These 5 Tips Help Your Child Avoid Needing Braces?

Many parents view braces as an unfortunate but necessary part of adolescent dental care. However, some dentists claim there are steps you can take to help your child's teeth develop normally, avoiding the need for braces. Here are five tips that might help to reduce the probability of your child needing braces. 1. Breastfeed Some dentists claim that breastfeeding promotes proper tongue posture in babies, which could affect the placement of teeth when they begin to emerge from the gums. [Read More]