Two Tips If You Are a Denture-Wearer and Want to Start Dating Again

If you had real teeth the last time you were on the dating scene, the prospect of going on dates now that you wear dentures might make you feel a bit nervous. Here are some tips that could be helpful in this situation.

Experiment with different types of denture adhesives

If you're still fairly new to the world of dentures, then you might not yet have found the perfect denture adhesive. If this is the case, then it is worth trying out a few different adhesives made by different brands and perhaps asking your dentist if they can recommend a specific product and demonstrate the most effective way to apply it to your dentures.

The reason for this is that the biggest fear many denture-wearers have when they go on dates is that their dentures might detach and pop out whilst they're laughing or having a romantic dinner with their companion, which would leave them feeling mortified. Whilst this actually doesn't happen all that often, the knowledge that it could is enough to leave a lot of denture-wearers feeling too nervous to start dating.

However, if you use the strong denture adhesive that your dentist recommends and that you have tested out repeatedly and found to be very effective when you're talking or eating, you'll feel a lot more at ease when you then go on a date whilst using this adhesive and will be less likely to spend that date focusing on your teeth.

Get a denture adjustment if your dentures don't seem to fit right

If your dentures don't fit quite as well as they initially did, then you should consider popping into your dentist's clinic and asking for a denture adjustment a few days before your first date. As your oral tissues adjust to the presence of the dentures in your mouth, your dentures might not feel quite as stable and comfortable as they did when you first got them. Whilst if you use a strong adhesive, they probably won't pop out during your date, they might move around slightly and lightly abrade your gums as they do so.

This could make it hard to enjoy the conversation, drinks or food that you share with your companion and may even put you off kissing them goodnight, simply because your gums are too sore and you feel a bit grumpy as a result of this. By getting the dentures adjusted beforehand, you should be able to focus on all of the fun aspects of going on a first date.