Could Composite Bonding Be the Answer to Your Cosmetic Dental Woes?

A lot of people have things they would like to change about their teeth, but it's common to put off doing anything about it. Some of the cosmetic procedures available can seem complicated, which makes people think twice about having them done, and they carry on living with a smile they're less than happy with.

Although it's not suitable for every cosmetic issue, composite bonding could be the treatment you're looking for. It involves using a mouldable composite material that attaches to teeth, and it can be used for quite a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. If any of these are things you'd like to correct, talk to your dentist and find out if composite bonding is right for you.

Closing gaps

If you have a noticeable gap between your teeth, it can really lower your confidence. Some techniques to correct it are crowns and veneers, but bonding can also be used.

By using the composite material to build up the teeth either side of the gap, a dentist can make it disappear, and the results look completely natural. The procedure can also be done quickly, so you won't need repeated visits to achieve the look you want.

Repairing broken teeth

Chipped, cracked or worn teeth can cause pain and further non-cosmetic dental problems that might need to be treated. But even if they don't, people who have them are usually unhappy about the way they look.

Composite bonding material can be used to repair a damaged tooth, instantly making it look as good as new. It also gives the tooth a bit more strength, helping to prevent further damage and keep everything looking good for longer.

Tooth whitening

There are several possible treatments for making teeth appear whiter, but composite bonding is one you may not have heard of in this context. It can be used to cover discoloured teeth, changing their colour right away. It's important to remember, though, that the composite material can stain just like your teeth can, so if your diet is heavy in foods and drinks that cause discolouration, you may need to make some changes for a long-lasting effect.

Lengthening teeth

Some people have teeth that appear shorter than they should be, which can be particularly noticeable when you smile. Composite bonding is a useful way to add a bit of length to short teeth, which can have a drastic impact on the way they look when you smile.