Does Your Child Dread the Dentist? Here are Five ways to Make them More Comfortable

As a child, you probably had a fear of visiting the dentist. This happens in many children of all ages. But it is your duty to take your child to a dentist in order to help them develop a good oral hygiene. And since a child might have to do about ten visits to the dentist before joining kindergarten, you have to look for ways of making the trip to the dentist less scary. Follow these easy steps to help your child feel more relaxed and comfortable.

1. Do not promise a present

Do not give your child a gift as a way of thanking them for good behaviour. This only raises apprehension, as the child might start wondering what is so important about the visit that warrants a little token. Instead, positively encourage the child and make it fun visiting a dentist.

2. Talk about it but keep it simple

You could choose to read an exciting book on the subject of dental hygiene or better yet talk about your own positive experiences. Do not include too much detail into this as it may raise anxiety in the child. It is also important to refrain from negative words to related to pain or discomfort while discussing a dentist.  Let the doctor introduce their own terms and vocabulary, as they are professionals in handling child fear.

3. Do not wait too long

From a younger age, you should start helping your child develop some form of dental hygiene. Even when the child doesn't have teeth, you can start brushing their gum with a baby toothbrush or wet cloth. Further, do early visits to the pediatric dentist, preferably at age 1. A pediatric dentist knows exactly how to handle children at whatever age. The child will also get used to the dentist, and it will lessen the child's fear.

4. Do not negatively relate

It is a bad idea trying to relate your own experience negatively to the child. Equally, you shouldn't take your child for your own dental visit. This is due to the fact that an adult dentistry procedure is a bit different from a child's, and the child might develop cold feet. You might as well be anxious without knowing.

5. See a children's dentist

These specialists have experience dealing with kids and use smaller tools, are child-friendly, their offices are also kid-friendly with toys and bright colours. A child dentist can easily handle anxiety in children and control any tantrums that might ensue.

Finally, if you are feeling anxious about the visit, have someone else take the child. It might be a partner or a family member. Always emphasize the importance of good hygiene and follow these steps to make a pediatric dentist visit fun for the child.