Can I doit' my own cosmetic dentistry?

The recent news story about a university student making their own braces on a 3D printer has reinvigorated many people's interest in DIY cosmetic dentistry. However it's not a great idea unless you have a lot of experience in 3D printing. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

Do you have access to a high-quality 3D printer?

In order to get a retainer or braces that are comfortable and effective to use you need to have access to a very high-quality 3D printer which has a high degree of accuracy in the items that they create. These are not usually available to the general public, at least a price point that makes it a reasonable alternative to paying for professional dentist work. (Most are either owned by private companies or large educational institutions such as university.) The style of removable braces requires new plates to be created every few weeks as straightening occurs in small increments. 

Are you good at programming?

You also need to be a confident user of programming complex software in order to program in your current bite pattern. Not only do you need to be good to mapping your current mouth, you also need to be confident calculating how to add minor yet important corrections to your bite for each iteration of the retaining plates. If you use wrong measurements, either due to lack of accuracy due to a printer quality or lack of programming nous, you could end up creating more severe dental issues and have a longer and more expensive treatment ahead of you to fix your bite.

Do you have a severe defect?

If your mouth has a severe issue with overcrowding, you may not be able to correct the issues that you need to have corrected with DIY results. It can be a good idea to get a professional assessment of your mouth to determine what exactly what issues you have in your mouth and in what order these need to be dealt with. 

Unfortunately moving teeth can lead to a change in the blood supply to your teeth, which can change the colour of the teeth. It can also be very painful. If you are a looking to correct your teeth the best idea is to visit acosmetic dentist and discuss your concerns. They can work out the best solution to correct your smile with minimal pain and discomfort. You can often get an affordable payment plan worked out so that you can afford to let an expert work on your mouth and perfect that smile.