Emergency Dental Tips to Follow Before a Dental Appointment

Many of your dental appointments are routine checkups designed to improve your oral health. However, it is possible to have a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. In most cases, you get can an appointment with an emergency dentists same-day. When you have a dental emergency, you are normally experiencing extreme pain or in danger of losing a tooth. There are steps that you can take depending on the type of dental issue you are dealing with that are designed to lessen pain and allow you to have a better chance of saving a tooth that has been broken off. It is essential that you are aware of what steps to take before you can arrive for an emergency dental appointment.

Lost Tooth

If you are dealing with a tooth that has been knocked out, it is important to rinse the tooth off right away. It is suggested that you grab onto the tooth by the crown and rinse off the root of the tooth to remove dirt. However, it is important that you only gently rinse the tooth and do not scrub it clean. You do not want to risk removing any pieces of tissue that could still be attached. You should then look to rinse your mouth out with warm water to ensure that the area where you lost the tooth is clean. Applying a cold compress to the side of your face where the tooth was lost will help to reduce pain and swelling.

Bitten Tongue

It is possible that you may bite your tongue accidentally and cause bleeding. After you bite your tongue, you should clean the area with a cloth and apply a small amount of pressure to the wound. If the bleeding does not stop after a few hours or if the amount of blood that is being lost is significant, you will need to visit an emergency dentist to sew the wound on your tongue.

Braces Issue

If you have braces, it is possible that you might be dealing with a dental emergency that is related to a loose wire or even a broken wire. Not only can a loose wire decrease the effectiveness of your braces, but it can also result in pain. You can lessen the irritation within your mouth by placing wax over the loose or broken wire. It is also possible to cover the wire with a small piece of gauze. This will keep the wire from irritating your gums until it can be fixed by an emergency dentist.

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