Signs That Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Required

Wisdom teeth are referred to by this unusual name due to the fact that they typically arrive when you are older in age. They are molars that sometimes do not grow in normally due to the size of the patient's mouth at the time of arrival. Not every person needs to have their wisdom teeth removed, but it is a fairly common procedure for many individuals. It is important to be aware of the most common symptoms that alert you to the fact that wisdom teeth removal by a dentist is required.


Wisdom teeth are located on the top and bottom of the jaws behind all the other teeth and are typically identified as the third molars from the front on each side. Some people only get two wisdom teeth on either the top or the bottom. When you begin to notice continuous pain in this region of the mouth, this is a telltale sign that should not be ignored. This pain might be most present when you are eating or drinking, but can be felt even when nothing is in your mouth. The severity and longevity of the pain you are dealing with will influence the decision to have your wisdom teeth removed. Dealing with pain that persists typically requires the removal of your wisdom teeth to allow for pain relief that will last.


It is common for a flap of tissue to grow over wisdom teeth when they break through the gums. It is then possible for food particles to easily become trapped within the flap and cause serious infection. The infections keep coming back due to the flap over the wisdom teeth. Infections can be detrimental to your overall health, and repeated infections of your wisdom teeth are a sign that they need to be removed quickly. Removing these molars is the only real way to stop the infection within this region of the mouth.


It is possible for the wisdom teeth to not grow in properly. This will result on them placing unneeded pressure on the surrounding teeth. If you begin to notice that other teeth are beginning to become misaligned, this is a sign that your wisdom teeth may be crowding your jaw. It is important for your wisdom teeth to be removed before they cause the appearance of the other teeth within your mouth to be changed as a result of improper alignment. The wisdom teeth can grow in crooked and cause them to become impacted. Impacted teeth can result in misalignment and pain. Removing them early on is essential to ensure that they do not become attached to the jaw.