The Most Glaring Differences between Dental Implant Procedures

Dental implants are designed to be the best method for permanently replacing a lost tooth. This means that if you have lost a tooth to decay or injury, you have the ability to have it replaced. Dental implants are the best option, but there are two different procedures that you can choose from when having dental implants placed in your mouth. These two procedures are identified as one stage or two stage. It is important to understand what the main differences are between these dental implant procedures.

Implant Head Visibility

One of the biggest differences involving one stage and two stage implants is the visibility of the implant head. One-stage dental implants involve surgically putting an implant into the jawbone that is level with gum tissue. This implant is longer than the one used during the two-stage procedure. In the two-stage dental implant procedure, the implant is placed into the jawbone and the gum tissue is closed stitched. This means that the implant is not visible with the two-stage procedure, but is visible when the one-stage procedure is used.

Quality of Bone Structure

Not all patients are candidates for the one-stage dental implant procedure. This is only used on patients that have good bone quality that will allow for optimal stability for the implant. This means that less people are able to have one-stage dental implants placed in their jaw. In most cases where significant damage to the bone has occurred, it is necessary for two-stage dental implants to be used. When the cosmetic appearance is also not an issue, the one-stage procedure is used. This is often for the teeth in the back of the mouth that are not visible.

Number of Surgeries

With the two-stage procedure, it is necessary for the patient to undergo two surgeries. Not only is there an initial surgery for placing the dental implant in the jawbone, but a second procedure is then required in order to attach an abutment that is used to secure the crown in place. This second surgery is not required with the one stage procedure and is the biggest difference between the two. The condition of the patient is the biggest factor in determining which procedure is preferred. The healing time for both his similar, but the need for an additional surgery is what makes the two-stage procedure so unique. This also adds to the total cost investment of the dental implant.

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