How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

It's recommended that you visit the dentist at least twice a year, but that doesn't mean that you should only take good care of your teeth a couple days before your dental visit. Regular check-ups with your dentist along with a good oral hygiene will work wonders for your teeth.

In order to keep your teeth feeling and looking their best, follow these easy tips to maintain a good oral hygiene:

Tip #1: Brush twice a day in circles

It's common knowledge that you must brush your teeth daily. Ideally, most dentists recommend to brush three times per day in order to obtain the greatest results. However, that may be difficult to do since most people can't carry a toothbrush with them at work so they can brush midday. In that case, don't worry about only being able to brush twice per day; that will work.

Another common mistake that people do when brushing their teeth is moving their toothbrush up and down. Instead, you should move it in a circular motion to avoid causing any damage to your sensitive gums. It is also important that you brush for at least two minutes; otherwise you may not get rid of all the bacteria on your teeth.

Tip #2: Simply brushing your teeth is not enough!

Whenever you visit your dentist, you are probably always asked whether or not you floss. Even though most say they do, their gums give away their lies and the dentist can tell when they're not being truthful. A lot of people know that they should floss, but still refuse to do so.

There is a wide variety of products that you can use when flossing. Regular floss is available in different styles and flavours, or you can even use special plastic picks which have pre-strung pieces of floss attached.

If your gums are bleeding whenever you floss, don't let that stop you. It is common for your gums to bleed when you first start flossing, so make sure to be gentle and you will see the bleeding subside within a couple days.

Tip #3: For white teeth, completely avoid certain drinks and foods

While regular brushing will help with whitening your tooth, you can stop the dulling even before it begins by completely avoiding certain drinks and foods. For foods, blackberries or blueberries are some of the most uncommon foods that people might not expect to have any effects on their teeth.

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