3 Holiday Foods that Can Lead to Dental Emergencies

As holidays like Easter approach, many people let down their guard to eat sweet or unhealthy foods. Certain foods that are extra popular around holiday time can be disastrous for fillings, crowns, and damaged teeth. Here are so foods to keep at arms length.

Sticky lollies

Sticky mints and childhood favourite hard and chewy lollies can deftly remove loose crowns or fillings. While you may be used to lollies being of a 'certain chewiness', changes in formulation over the years, or different storage conditions, can lead to lollies that are markedly harder or chewier than the treats you remember. The best plan for your teeth is to steer clear of sticky lollies entirely, and make sure to brush your teeth well if you do indulge in a sugary treat.

Hard nuts and sneaky pits

Often when we eat nuts they are softened by processing. Around the holidays certain harder nuts that are commonly offered as a delicious treat, including Brazil nuts and hazelnuts, which can be challenging for people weakened teeth. Equally hidden pits inside olives and stone fruits can also break fillings or weakened teeth if they are bitten into unexpectedly.

Avoid chomping down on harder nuts, and keep your snacking to the softer nuts such as walnuts and cashews. Be careful with nut and olive breads, as they sometimes can have hidden pits that take you by surprise.

Extra hot or cold foods

Another common culprit of holiday dental disasters is extremely hot and cold foods. Teeth are not only subject to breakage under thermal stresses, but research suggests that dental pain may also be more noticeable with thermal load. Piping hot soups or drinks, or ice cold drink or foods can cause cracks in otherwise damaged teeth to expand and lead to breakages without any pressure being applied to the tooth.

The best technique is to taste food first with a small amount placed on the tongue before you take a large bite or gulp. If the food or drink seems to be at an extremely temperature you can leave it a few minutes, for the temperature to come back towards the room temperature.

If despite all effort you do suffer pain or a breakage of a tooth on a holiday, you should contact a local emergency dentist such as Mandurah Dental Surgery. They will have staff on call to help you with any emergency dental issue.